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Perpetto is a plug-n-play eCommerce Marketing tool that boosts your revenue and retention with Email Automation and Predictive Recommendations.

It gives you powerful automation features that work seamlessly together towards one goal – Your eCommerce Growth.

Upsell, cross-sell and suggest personally relevant products automatically

Automatically cross-sell, up-sell and help visitors as well as customers find the right products on your website and in your emails. Boost your conversion rate, average order value and revenue.

Recover abandoned carts and retain customers automatically

Headlines are made with acquisition, but profitability is made with retention and newsletters can’t cut it. Behavior driven email automation can. You can recover abandoned carts. Follow up with your most valuable customers. Have 1:1 communication at scale that increases your repeat revenue and customer lifetime value.

Start Fast With Built-in Best Practices

Start fast with built-in high converting lifecycle emails and on-site recommendations. With just the flick of one switch you will have Perpetto act intelligently to your visitors or customers behavior driving your revenue and retention.


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Available Extensions


Automated installation for Magento 2 shops.

Coming soon


Automated installation for Magento 1 shops.

Coming soon


Automated installation for OpenCart shops.

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Custom Shop

Frontend-only installation usually done in 4-8 hours.

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