Built-in Best Practices

The best from email automation and predictive recommendations, pre-configured and ready to go.

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Built-In Email Automation Best Practices

Pre-Built Email Campaigns

Retain customers and increase repeat revenue


Recover abandoned carts, abandoned sessions and re-engage customers at risk

Built-In On-Site and Email Recommendation Best Practices


Cross-sell and up-sell automatically on-site and in emails

More Features

Everything you need to grow and retain your customers

Quick Installation for custom shops

Quick and easy frontend-only installation, usually done in 4-8 hours

Weekly email reports

You receive each week’s results straight in your inbox

Plug 'N Forget

Once you activate Perpetto it runs completely autonomously and our team monitors your shop’s performance

Run multiple shops with one account

Manage and track an unlimited amount of shops from one account

Infinitely scalable

As your business or traffic grows, so does our infrastructure

Unlimited team-members

Invite all your team-mates with their respective access rights

Laika Shop

"When we started using Perpetto we saw an almost immediate uplift in revenue across our entire catalogue. It is very rewarding to know more people can enjoy our carefully selected products."

– Dimitar Yovchev, Founder

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