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Cart Recovery Email Plugins for OpenCart

Decrease Your Cart Abandonment Today! About 57% abandon their shopping carts because they’re simply not ready to buy – “window shopping”. Follow-up emails can result in 260% improvement in cart abandonment rates and 500% ROI. For […]

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On-site Conversion Hacks at OpenCart Checkout (Crash Course)

CRO Tips For Lower Cart Abandonment in OpenCart You’ve acquired a website visitor in your OpenCart store. He’s reached your shopping cart page with adding item(s). Then he leaves without finishing the order. Almost […]

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Customer Lifetime Value – eCommerce (eBook)

Customer Lifetime Value And Its Impact In Online Retail Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) empowers online retailers and marketers to build their business strategy and allocate their marketing expenses and organizational efforts in a way […]

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How to Optimize Your Online Shop Revenue With a Single KPI

Why is Customer Lifetime Value the Optimization Metric for Your Online Shop Revenue? In a word, it empowers online retailers (and marketers for that matter) to FOCUS their efforts and money toward the most […]

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