Our Vision

Give every online retailer simple tools for building a shopping experience tailored to each individual customer


We are eCommerce professionals who see how online retail is becoming hyper personal on every digital channel – desktop, mobile, email and soon even messaging.

Within every local eCommerce market online stores businesses face strong competition, huge advertising costs, operational challenges and declining customer loyalty. It is hard to compete, but (and) we believe online retailers that are customer centric in their strategy can build a competitive advantage in two ways:

  • Provide a better, more personal shopping experience by focusing on the customer’s needs and expectations – people become more and more demanding on their online shopping experience and website interactions. That is why we believe shops should deliver the best possible shopping assistance through personalized recommendations and emails.
  • Implement efficient, automated software that is revenue-oriented – implementing efficient, automatic solutions, easy-to-manage technologies, with expert support, without binding obligations, with measurable performance and results.

Therefore Perpetto provides growing online retailers with simple and efficient 1:1 Marketing software that helps them provide a hyper personal shopping experience on desktop and mobile and stand out amongst their competitors.

Founding Team

Alexander Kitov

Alexander Kitov

Co-founder, Business and Product

A tennis enthusiast, who already started two ventures, Alex has 5+ years experience helping major german brands and retailers such as Milka, Landliebe, DIE ZEIT, Tetesept, Jever, Kellogg’s and Gute Weine grow their online businesses.

Vlad Alexiev

Vlad Alexiev

Co-founder, Technology

Experienced platform builder and software architect. Coding since a kid, a TUES Sofia graduate, Vlad has previously built up the foundation for an online payment provider and has years of experience in assembling different technologies into coherent products.

Yavor Stoychev

Yavor Stoychev

Co-founder, Data & Algorithms

Yavor has been developing algorithms for the eCommerce behemoth Amazon. A passionate mountaineer, he has practical experience in building up infrastructure to handle huge sets of data and writing algorithms to turn them into insights and recommendations.



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LAUNCHub is a seed fund supporting the most promising entrepreneurs and digital startups in South Eastern Europe.

Pierre Vallet

Pierre Vallet is an experienced professional, ex-CEO and President of Proxiad Group, a subsidiary network with over 600 employees in France and Bulgaria providing software solutions and services to international companies.


We are looking for passionate people interested in eCommerce Technology. So if you’re excited to change how millions of people shop online, we have a place for you.