Personalized eCommerce Marketing

Perpetto brings the power of Marketing Automation and Personalization to the hands of every online shop.

How Perpetto works

Behaviour Data

Perpetto gathers historical and real-time behaviour data for every individual visitor. This data is the hidden resource that every online store posesses and Perpetto uses to provide a better shopping experience to the store’s visitors.

Data Mining

Perpetto Profile

This ongoing stream of behaviour data is unified and analyzed to filter our the interests and preferences of each individual visitor. These insights along with the complete behaviour history comprises the Perpetto profile of each visitor.

Data Analysis

Backend and Dashboard

The backbone of Perpetto is a distributed service that stores and uses this vast pool of data. It is based on the most modern Big Data and Machine Learning technology. On top of that infrastructure lies a Dashboard that gives you real-time analysis of improvements in revenue and conversion.

User Insights

Web and Email Personalization

Perpetto is improving the shopping experience of online stores with personalized, real-time recommendations on the store’s website and with highly targeted personalized emails with recommendations.