What our customers are saying

Plug-n-play Personalized Recommendations and Email Automation


Reduce Cart Abandonment

Plug-n-play Personalized Recommendations and Email Automation

"Perpetto took our store to the next level in terms of sales and marketing. In less than a month more than 55% of our online sales were attributable to Perpetto. We had it immediately deployed in 2 other countries."

From Total Sales Attributable to Perpetto's Recommendations


Higher AOV for people who interacted with Perpetto


"We are a custom-built shop and Perpetto is ideal for us. It gave us both a sales and a retention solution with one quick integration. We save time, see massive ROI every month and our customers respond very well to it."

Higher Revenue overall


Higher Conversion for people who interacted with Perpetto


What are customers saying

Perpetto is a plug-n-play Personalized Recommendations and Email Automation software.  It is the easiest way to boost your conversion rate, average order value and retention.

According to research 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned. There are many tools and techniques that reduce the problem and we have done the work to gather the essential bits of information for you.

Curated by our user experience team, this 6-day email course will give you:

Usability guidelines to help you lower your cart abandonment

Specific Magento tools and tutorials to that can be implemented right away

Handy checklist with all the steps to go through for your store



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