Personalized Recommendations

Improve conversion, average order value and revenue by displaying the right products to each person.

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Know your customer

Use valuable behavior and interest data

User Activity
User Profile
User Based Filters
Recommend On Every Page

Suggest the right products to the right person

Responsive widgets

Ready to use, pre-configured website widgets

Customizable Recommendations

Adapt every widget to show the desired products


Track your business results in real money

Recommendation Features

Everything you need to make your shopping experience personal and sell more

Automatic up-sell and cross-sell

Drive higher conversions and more revenue automatically


Change recommendation types, add static or dynamic filters according to user preferences and product context

Self-learning algorithms

With every new user action the algorithms become perpetually smarter

Built-in best practices

Start right away with pre-configured recommendation slots for every page of your website

Ready-to-use, stylable widgets

Widgets that are responsive and styled quickly with a visual editor or with HTML/CSS.

Stenata Shop

"A few months ago we were selecting related items manually. After we started using Perpetto the numbers have proven that data can help us recommend much more effectively and now we have more time to focus on other parts of the store."

- Ivan Popov, Manager

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