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"When we started using Perpetto we saw an almost immediate uplift in revenue across our entire catalogue. It is very rewarding to know more people can enjoy our carefully selected products."

- Dimitar Yovchev, Founder

Pricing FAQ
As you have seen we have no plans, because we give you a maximum ROI each month and not charge you more than you actually use. Your pricing is calculated based on the traffic your website received and the number of customers that can receive our emails.
Monthly visits is the total amount of visits or also sessions as their are called in Google Analytics. Perpetto’s visits are substantially less than Google Analytics’ sessions because each of our visits expires after 24h of inactivity, whereas for Google it takes 30 mins of inactivity to expire a session. A rule of thumb is to devide your Google Analytics sessions by two and use that number for Monthly Visits.
The free trial requires no credit card and starts when Perpetto is successfully installed. Once you activate the recommendations and automated emails you can expect the first sales to come in within a few days.
You can pay with major credit card and enter or update your company or payment details on your account billing page at any time.
We have no long-term obligations. However, when you know you’ll be using Perpetto for longer you can deposit an amount to be used for your future bills and receive a good discount.

  • Deposit 6x the equivalent of your last bill and Perpetto will add 10% on top.
  • Deposit 12x the equivalent of your last bill, Perpetto will add 20% on top.
We’re always here to help. Send us an email on our contact page and the right person will get in touch with you.