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Return on investment

• How to help visitors discover more of the carefully selected products of the shop

• How to increase online sales while actually improving the experience of buying on’s online shop

• How to increase conversions and make it easier for people to get excited about the unique product inventory of the shop


• Laika’s shop suggests individual visitors the most relevant products as per their individual category and brand preferences, as well as based on similarity with other visitors

• Visitors find products faster, with less clicks and have higher conversion rates

• Increased average order value and overall revenue

Sport-depot unlocked a 12% higher Average Order Value with Perpetto


Return on investment

• Stand out from the competition with better, personalized shopping experience

• Create a dynamic storefront to increase conversions

• Upsell and cross-sell to increase average order values

• No ability to retarget and retain customers based on their browsing and purchasing behavior


• SportDepot provides visitors with the right type of recommendations for each category, each sport type and each gender

• Every page leverages the entire catalogue of products to cross-sell and upsell automatically with suitable products

• Personalized emails recover abandoned carts and follow up personally with every customer during the entire customer lifecycle

Laika unlocked a 13% average increase in revenue


Return on investment

• Create a dynamic storefront to improve discoverability

• Increase the conversion rate by making shopping easier

• Low margins, therefore questionable ROI

• No ability to retarget and retain customers based on behavior


• Quick integration on Autospot’s custom platform

• Uncovering relevance between different autoparts helps visitors easily discover related products and increases conversion rates

• Filtering by key product attributes such as manufacturer, size, power, etc. helps further increase the recommendations’ relevancy for shoppers

• Personalized emails retarget customers with the products they abandoned during their visits and in their carts helping recover some of the lost revenue

Laika personalized their shopping experience and gained a 21% increase in Average Order Value


Monthly Return on investment

• Free up time of the editorial team by creating a dynamic storefront that didn’t require manual entry of comeplementary and alternative products

• Improve discoverability across the whole inventory by increasing the amount of viwed products per visit

• Make shopping easier, more satisfying and increase the conversion rate of the store


• No more manual work for editing alternative and cross-selling products

• Stenata now leverages the customer’s browsing and purchasing history to show visitors what products go well together

• Higher product visibility led to more complementary purchases and significantly higher order values

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